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    Powercity Electromechanical & Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Diesel Generator Set for Industry and Marine,Genset Dummy Load Bank,Wind Powe...

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    Powercity Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd. was established in 2002. We are a subsidiary company of Powercity Corporation, located in Manila, the Philippines. We are only 2.2 kilometers away from Jinjiang Expressway, 80 kilometers away from Xiamen International Airport, and 7 kilometers from Jinjiang Domestic Airport. With our professionalism, Powercity always provides worry-free business relationship for you in terms of quality product and reasonable price for domestic and international markets. Our experience is not only in manufacturing but also in engineering and installation field, thus we are the most suitable and applicable company in terms of cost which can help your business. Our products are Soundproof Diesel generator sets for industrial and marine fields, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and Genset Dummy Load Banks, small size Wind- power for telecommunication and radio cabin DC Fan Ventilation, IMC and EMC Conduit accessories, and Uni-strut Channels and Clamps, which are widely used for industry, telecommunications and household applications.
    Company Profile
    Company Name: Powercity Electromechanical & Equipment Co., Ltd. Company Type: Enterprise ()
    Area: China Company Size:
    Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2002
    Security deposit: Already paid 0.00 USD
    Business Scope: Diesel Generator Set for Industry and Marine,Genset Dummy Load Bank,Wind Power System,LED Lighting Tube,LED obstacle light,DC Fan Ventilation,Uni-strut Channel and Clamp,Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS),IMC and EMC Conduit Accessory,Accessory for Telecom
    Electrical & Electronics / Electric Motor